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Equine Agility UK is a freelance independent, not for profit company.

"Creating a different perspective"

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Promoting ethical non-ridden equine activities and competition
Equine Agility is a non ridden equine sport, where the equine and handler work together to negotiate a course of obstacles.
It is the "quality" of the partnership that is being scrutinised, with the judge looking for a constant flow of conversation between the two partners.
Our aim is to promote a "sport" that recognises the equine as an equal competitor.
Our vision is to help and encourage a deeper awareness of the responsibilities, that we must accept  regarding equine welfare, when we ask our equines to compete with us.
Our hopes are to create a platform that encompasses and supports the whole wellbeing of the equine, in every day life as well as in competition.
Equine Agility UK prides itself in being all inclusive, and welcomes collaboration with others who share the same views, regarding equine welfare standards and principles.
Together we can make a difference.

New !

On Line Equine Agility UK Video Competition

Winter series 2021/2022
Opens 3rd November
New Winter friendly course.
New Obstacles and tasks.
New Classes.
New Levels.
New League.
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The Equine Connection.

The way we are with our equines, is a reflection of our own inner values.
Equine Agility UK asks you to look a little deeper at your self thoughts and beliefs.
By having a clear view of your own self, you will be better placed to understand your equine.
Mutual understanding and connection are the foundations on which all solid relationships are built, the building blocks of which are compassion and empathy. 
Starting with these two ingredients, you can't go wrong !

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Clinics and Playdays.

We make them special for you !

Host a clinic at your own yard.
No travelling - No stress.
Minimum of 5 people.

We bring everything to you !
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October Halloween Special


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Address :- Mynyddislwyn, CV47 9PR, United Kingdom
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