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Equine Agility UK is a freelance independent company.

Building Trust and Understanding  

One obstacle at a time
Open to all Equine Agility enthusiasts.
Enjoy the fun of the competition without the stress of travelling.
Compete in our monthly video competitions.
Choose a class to suit your skills level, so whether you are new to Equine Agility or a seasoned pro, we have a class for everybody.
Entering is easy, just follow our step by step guide.

Compete On Line.

Compete On Line

"Partner Presentation"


Horse Agility Ball Pool
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Clinics and Playdays

We make them special for you !
Suitable for all ages and all abilities.

Why not host one yourself ?
Get together 5 or more of your friends,
We bring everything needed to you.

Members area.

The members area is FREE to access, you just need to register with us first.

Use the "Log in " button at the top of the page, choose "sign up" fill in the form, submit and that's it done, you've registered with us.

Don't forget to make a note of your password you will need it to sign in again.

Address :- Mynyddislwyn, CV47 9PR, United Kingdom
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