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Equine Agility UK

Welcome !

Helping to build trust and understanding - one obstacle at a time...

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About us.

find out more about the concepts of Equine Agility UK

Our aim is to help you seek and find a deeper connection with your equine, one that will be mutually beneficial to you both


Our competitions.

Currently all our competitions are suspended.

We hope to resume again soon.


Attending one of our clinics is a great way to experience the many benefits that incorporating the use of obstacles into your groundwork practice can bring to both you and your equine.
Learn how to use the power of your equines innate curiosity to bring about a better understanding of how you both think.
Each clinic is tailored to suit the needs and abilities of it's participants.
Our aim is to provide a relaxed and supportive environment
in which maximum learning can take place.
Host a clinic !
Equine Agility UK will come to you.
All you need is a suitable venue, a field or an arena and a group of like minded friends.
We will bring and supply everything else.
No travelling and no stress.

Compassion  Communication  Connection

Creating a different perspective


No monthly deadlines to meet.
Progress at your own pace.
Complete one stage and move onto the next, when YOU are ready.
Pick and choose from the different levels and workshops.
New and challenging workshops each month.
Covering all aspects of agility.
Technical accuracy - finesse - breathwork - wellbeing - partnership 
We will award you along your journey by marking your achievements
with rosettes, certificates and rewards.
Self improvement - empowerment - awareness - mindfulness.
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Create an energetic conversation

" Energy " is the common language of the universe "


All ages.
All abilities.


" I'm Sally Golding.

For nearly 14 years now I have been teaching Equine Agility. In that time there has been quite a number of changes, most due to my constantly evolving thoughts and views about welfare standards in equine sports and activities.

My no.1 priority is to always try and protect the dignity of the equine in all capacities including his mind, body and importantly his soul.
Equine Agility UK  awards the connection between the equine and the handler, both energetically and physically.
Understanding and awareness are the key elements of a connected partnership.
It is not the "performance" of the equine that is under the judges scrutiny, but that of the handler !
Are you ready ?"

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