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Equine Agility UK

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Equine Agility UK is a equine/handler relationship based training practice.

We use the power of the obstacles, to help open the communication channels, that bring to you that all important "awareness of self."  Allowing you to see how it's your thoughts and feelings, that are driving the ever present, unconscious conversation exchange between you and your equine. 

Our Aim is to promote a practice that values the equine as an equal partner, one where his welfare, both mentally and physically is paramount and above all else.


Competitive Agility.

The Equine always comes 1st.

Our Equine Agility UK events are run to provide a progressive competitive platform, one that is unique in it's values of equine/handler equality. 

The way our judging system is structured, it is the handler that has to work much harder than the equine if they want to competitively succeed.

The principle value that is being judged is the quality of the relationship, the clear exchange of two way communication that should be evident through the agility course, creating, a visual spectacle of mutual trust and understanding.


Attending one of our clinics is a great way to experience the many benefits that incorporating the use of obstacles into your groundwork practice can bring to both you and your equine.
Learn how to use the power of your equines innate curiosity to bring about a better understanding of how you both think.
Each clinic is tailored to suit the needs and abilities of it's participants.
Our aim is to provide a relaxed and supportive environment, one in which maximum learning can take place.
Host a clinic !
Equine Agility UK will come to you.
All you need is a suitable venue, a field or an arena and a group of like minded friends.
We will bring and supply everything else.
No travelling and no stress.
Equine Agility UK Touch obstacle



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