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Pre - Competition Essentials

It's the little things that can make a
BIG difference.

Perfect Practice helps create Perfect Partnerships


The "HALT" (capital letters) is a requirement for many of the obstacles.

The judge will be looking for an established HALT able to show and hold immobility.

A poorly executed HALT will loose you valuable points.

To perfect an "ease of movement" HALT, try to form good habits in your everyday handling.

Bringing that essential "awareness of self" to your leading and stopping, will greatly help you in achieving your goal of a calm, easy and still HALT.

"Practice and Perfect" this one simple (but difficult to attain) thing and you will find it will make a huge difference to the rest of your training.

Don't forget to use your "audible breathwork" (it WILL make a huge difference)



A good working partnership, like trust, is something that takes time to create.
Like a happy marriage, each partner should feel equal, seen and heard.
The same should also apply to your equine partner if you want a positive path to harmonious success.
The judge is looking for that harmonious partnership to be on display through out your competition round.
The constant "to-ing and fro-ing" of non verbal energetic communication should be something that is evident at all times.
Make creating a "perfect partnership" your main objective.
Treat your equine partner in the same way you would a family member or loved one, with empathy, consideration, respect and above all else compassion.
The delicate silk like threads of connection start here, but remember like silk they can easily be torn and broken.


Leading Position

The required  Equine Agility UK leading position is easily defined.

The handler must remain behind, not in front of the equines nose and should not drop back behind the equines shoulder unless otherwise stated and required.

This displays to the judge that the partnership is working well together.

As always in EAUK the responsibility to maintain this leading position is with the handler.

An equine that is trusting, confident and understanding of the task ahead should happily remain by your side until asked to do differently. 

Quietly and calmly work at maintaining your position, employ your breathwork technique and build your awareness of matching steps with your equine, thus creating the ultimate synchronicity of mind and body. 

Rope Work.

Your lead rope is both your physical and your energetic connection with your equine and should be treated with the upmost sensitivity and respect.
When and how you use your lead rope says more about your own personality and behaviour than it does your equines !
The hand that holds the rope wants to be open and soft.
Your arm wants to be responsive yet relaxed.
The judge is not marking the length of rope between you and your equine
However, that said beware of your rope becoming to long and the contact becoming to wishy washy.
To short and tight shows that the equines mind and body is not soft and you are not in tune together.
A relaxed softness 
of contact should be sought.
Relax your mind and your body will react accordingly.


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