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Building a community

How can we help and support each other ?

Equine Agility UK is an independent company that prides it's self in it's friendly and open approach.
Our aim is to make equine agility accessible and affordable to all those who wish to take part in it.
We take a very open view to making this happen, and welcome collaboration from liked minded individuals and groups that share our views and our ethos.
We have thought long and hard about the ethics of training and accrediting instructors and understand that even with the best will in the world we would not be able to control how an individual uses and teaches equine agility. Our conclusion therefore is to offer help, support and guidance to anyone who wants to be involved in agility but allows us to withdraw our recognition status if we feel that our views, welfare standards and criteria are not being met.
In other words, it provides us with the ability to protect ourselves and our standards.
Equine Agility UK

An Equine Agility recognised facilitator is an individual or organisation that is already in business as a horsemanship instructor, equine assisted learning therapy group and or an equine charity. They will already be using agility and obstacles as part of their learning program. How can they benefit ? We provide them with a space on our website to advertise their contact details and a short bio of the services they provide.

How do we benefit ?

For us they become a contact point for the many enquiries we have looking for regional instructors and facilitators.

Equine Agility UK
For those who want a more indepth and structured approach to equine agility we offer a Recognised Instructor status. You will learn all about the obstacles, the best ways to lay out and present an agility course and the ins and outs of running a clinic. You will have access to our rules and regulations and will be able to use our logo in your promotional material. We will also provide you with a space on our website for your contact details and bio. 
Equine Agility UK
Becoming an Equine Agility UK Approved Judge will be an achievement to be proud of. Our judging criteria standards are high and we will expect you to uphold them. The welfare of both the equine and handler is paramount and above all else. The equine must never be put at risk.  Anyone being judged by one of our approved judges will know they are under the eye of a comsummate and caring professional.
Equine Agility UK
Throughout the year it is our aim to provide anyone with a "recognised" or "approved" status the opportunity to attend training days both in person and on line via Zoom. They will be both formal and informal helping everyone to keep up to date with changes but at the same time, give everybody a chance to meet, socialise and swap ideas.

"Together we can"

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