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Competition Essentials

Know the basics

The essential information needed to compete

How is the competition scored ?

  • There are usually 10 obstacles in each class.

  • Each obstacle scores 10 points.

  • 4 points are for effectiveness - completing the obstacles to the given requirements.

  • 6 points are for horsemanship.

  • Total marks are out of 100.

  • 10 points are available for the partnership, however these are not added to the final score but are used in the event of a tie to decide the placings.

What is the judge looking for ?

  • Partnership.

  • Horsemanship.

  • Mutual communication.

  • Accuracy.

  • Technique.

  • Sensitive rope work.

  • An understanding of Equine Agility UK principles of practice.


Rope Work

 EAUK does not penalise sensitive use of the rope, it is expected that when competing your rope tension will do and should do, change frequently.

The rope should be viewed as your physical connection to your equine and should therefore be given, and treated with the highest degree of respect.

A soft and relaxed rope is indicative of a soft and relaxed connection.

EAUK views the rope as part of the equine/handler communication toolbox.

 Let the conversation be thoughtful and polite.


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