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Where the status is "OPEN" means, anyone is welcome to book and attend.
Most of our events have a "PRIVATE" status, meaning they have been booked privately.
Why not host an event yourself ?

The minimum number of people required is just 5.
We bring everything needed to you so you don't have the stress of traveling to worry about.
To find out more please contact the office on 07538 222969.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Junior Equine Agility " FUNdamentals " dates & additional info


We operate a first  come, first served policy, we will always endeavor to update the clinic numbers, but in the event of the clinic being over subscribed, a refund will be issued.


Booking is through the website and in advance of the clinic date.

If for any reason we have to cancel an event a full refund will be issued.


Payment is in advance of the clinic date.

We use PayPal as a secure payment method.

Other ways of paying are available by request.


If you have any questions or worries about a particular event, please contact us beforehand.

Contact no. 07538 222969


Book now !
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