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Recommended Resources

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Warwick Schiller -
Mark Rashid -
Jim Masterson -
Point of Balance - Kathy Price
The Tao of Equus - Linda Kohanov
101 Horsemanship Exercises - Rio Barrett
Connecting with Horses - Margrit Coates
Equitation Science - Paul McGreevy & Andrew Mclean
What Horses Really Want - Lynn Acton
Zen Mind Zen Horse - Allan J. Hamilton
Equine Behaviour In Mind - Suzanne Rogers
The Path of the Horse - Stormy May
Bitless Masterclass - Phillipa Christie
A mind like still water - Mark Rashid, Jim Masterson
Facebook Groups.
The Non Ridden Equine Association
Barefoot Horse Owners Group UK
Bitless Believers
Equine Agility UK
Horse Agility
The Barefoot Horse magazine -
Horsemanship Journal -
Warwick Schiller podcast -
Stacy Westfall podcast -
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