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Recommended Resources

Why not check out some of the people, books and podcasts from our list of recommended resources.

We hope you will find them interesting and useful and most of all we hope you will find them inspirational to !

Warwick Schiller -
Mark Rashid -
Jim Masterson -
Point of Balance - Kathy Price
The Tao of Equus - Linda Kohanov
101 Horsemanship Exercises - Rio Barrett
Connecting with Horses - Margrit Coates
Equitation Science - Paul McGreevy & Andrew Mclean
What Horses Really Want - Lynn Acton
Zen Mind Zen Horse - Allan J. Hamilton
Equine Behaviour In Mind - Suzanne Rogers
The Path of the Horse - Stormy May
Bitless Masterclass - Phillipa Christie
A mind like still water - Mark Rashid, Jim Masterson
Facebook Groups.
The Non Ridden Equine Association
Barefoot Horse Owners Group UK
Bitless Believers
Equine Agility UK
Horse Agility
Journey On Podcast
Stacy Westfall Podcast
The Whole Horse Podcast Alex Linton
Kathy Price Point of Balance Podcast
The Barefoot Horse magazine -
Horsemanship Journal - wwww.horsemanship-journ
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