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On Line Agility

Practical and fun

Below is an example of our introductory level Online Agility test - designed to to be easy to follow and simple for you to replicate at home.

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  • What size is the Agility arena ?
    To accommodate the obstacles, the arena must be 10m x 20m
  • How big are the jumps ?
    At starter level, the jumps are no bigger than 20cm
  • Is there any difference between the on- line and real time Competitions ?
    Yes - the on line obstacles have been chosen for practicality and ease of replication at home. In the "real time" competitions the full range of obstacles can be used.
  • How is the competition judged ?
    10 points are available for each obstacle. The points are awarded for style and technical accuracy. Points are deducted for ; Course error Knock downs Not completing a obstacle to the requirements given.
  • What is "technical accuracy" ?
    Technical accuracy is completing the obstacle/movement to the requirements that have been asked for in the in the given style.
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