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Clinic payment form.

Please use this form to book yourself a place on the clinic of your choice.
Make sure you include the name of the venue, as this is our reference point.
Please note : If your are the host/organiser of one of our clinics we would like to encourage you to ask participants to book individually using the form, this way they can then access more information about their day and use the clinic support form to contact us if they have any concerns or queries beforehand. Thank you.

Thank you for deciding to join us at one of our clinics
We look forward to meeting you there.

Please note :-    Willicote 17th February is open for booking.

Don't forget if there is anything you need to ask or tell us in advance you can do so by filling in the Clinic Support Form

Equine Agility UK Clinic
Once a booking has been made we can only offer a refund under certain circumstances.
If the cancellation is by Equine Agility UK a full refund will be offered.
If you cancel with 4 weeks prior notice, a refund, less a £5.00 booking fee, will be offered.
2 weeks prior notice the booking fee is £15.00
Less than 2 weeks, we cannot offer a refund without exceptional circumstances.
Please read the Disclaimer Form.
Clinic Payment Form


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