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These classes are open all agility enthusiasts around the globe.
If like us in the UK, your season is now Autumn/Winter, you may like to choose our Winter friendly course and obstacles.
All classes are progressive, however there is no obligation to move out of the introductory novice levels.
Hi I'm from Australia, it's Summer here.
I've not competed before, which league and class should I enter ?
Equine Agility Worldwide (Ww) league.
Class A. level 1. Introductory walk only level
Equine Agility UK (EAUK) League
Equine Agility Worldwide (Ww) League
Both leagues are open to all UK and overseas competitors
You can choose to enter either or both.
The difference is the COURSE.
The UK course is a Winter weather friendly course which features less obstacles.
The Worldwide course is standard 10 obstacle course which includes a podium.
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