Video guidelines and general rules of competition

Give consideration to where you site your course.

Level ground is better, not wet and slippery, and not too close to wire or electric fencing.

Quality counts.

We need to see you to judge you fairly. 

Keep horse and handler in the centre of the frame.

Be aware of filming into the sun.

The sound must be on !

Your entry must be filmed in one go, no cuts or your video will be rejected with no refund.


Only videos in LANDSCAPE format can be accepted.

Remember to register with us first.

Make sure you have entered the class AND category on the submit form.

Don't forget to add your Youtube video link.

Remember to pay using Paypal.

General rules.

The competitions are open to all.

Junior entries, 16yrs and under, must have parental consent.

Horses/equines must be 2yrs and over to compete.

Headcollars only.

No Dually Halters.

No bridles.

No sticks or whips.

No use of treats whilst competing.

Juniors, 16yrs and under, must wear a hard hat.