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Grunge Wood
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Trail Agility Challenge

Something new and exciting for you !

New Obstacles - New Challenges

Starting small, aiming BIG.

We show you how to ...

Construct and build the obstacles.
Obstacle requirements.
Tips for setting you up for success.
How to use your equines power of curiosity.


6 Weeks
12 Obstacles

How it works

You have 6 weeks to complete 12 obstacles.
Each week we will introduce 2 new obstacles, showing you how to construct them and take you through and explaining in depth the requirements needed for each obstacle.
You can submit your videos weekly or in a group.


Each obstacle is judged and scored accordingly, your scores will be sent to you, they will also be entered onto the leader board for each section.  Each week you will be able to see your placing.


1. Gateway
2. Scramble
3. Rubbish Dump
4. Under Wear
5. Hitchin' Rail
6. Brush through Branches
7. Round and About
8. Bottle Bank
9. Up & Over
10. Water Splash
11. Switch Back
12. Matching Steps


Shopping list.

Poles - minimum x6
Podium - please read construction details
Foam pipe insulation - see link in obstacles 
Items of clothing
Tarpaulin - general size
Cones - the more the better
Jump Wings or supports
Flags X2
Quantity of squashed milk cartons or plastic ball pool, balls
Black bin liners, filled x5, quantity of cardboard boxes.

Grunge Wood


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The Winning Factor

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