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Show Rules

Please read carefully all the rules.


You must of entered and been placed in the first 4 placings of at least one of our winter series monthly competitions Oct. 2023 - March 2024

Fun Classes

The fun classes are open to all.

You do not need to have entered previously.

Supreme Champion

If you have entered 5+ Competitions and been placed in the first 4 placings, you will automatically be entered into the Supreme Championship.

Open - Close

Entries open on the 1st April and close at 9pm on the 22nd April - the results will be announced on Friday 26th April


Your section is either NOVICE, ADVANCED or ASSISTED, this is the section you have been entering throughout the Winter series.

Entries £

There will be a small surcharge for overseas entries if placed, to cover the cost of posting.


All equines must wear a well fitting headcollar.

No bridles 

No pressure halters


An equine must be deemed sound and fit enough to compete by the judge.


Strictly no





All obstacles should be built to the requirements given.

Please make sure they are SAFE and SENSIBLE.


Juniors must be 14 years and under.

A hard hat is compulsory.


The judge must be able to see clearly each obstacle for it to be judged fairly.

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