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Pre Show Reading !

Essential stuff

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Rope work. The lead rope in your hands should ultimately be viewed as a fantastic tool to help create "finesse of understanding" Converse with your equine partner, through your hands and fingers, in a gentle, polite and sensitive manner.

Leading Position. The "required" EAUK leading position - not in front of the equines nose and not back behind their shoulder - meaning, both partners are working together, equally. In competition, you are being marked by the judge for the "maintainance" of keeping this position throughout the course, unless otherwise required.

Get these things right !

The "essence" of Equine Agility UK is the striving for equality between the two competition partners, equine and handler.

The fundamentals of our judging system are based on the evidence of a "connected" partnership being displayed throughout an agility competition round.

The judge wants to see ;

  • Mutual communication

  • A sensitive physical connection via the lead rope.

  • An intuitive energetic connection.

  • Maintenance of the "partnership" leading position (unless otherwise stated).

  • Technical accuracy displayed by handler.

  • A well tuned and connected partnership.

  • Harmony.

It's all in the detail.

  • Work together, you and your equine are a team.

  • Relax your body and soften your mind.

  • Breath, remember to use "breath work"

  • Practice technical accuracy.

  • Ask - listen - then react.

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