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Points system

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The different Stages of achievement.

At this present moment, (June 2022) we only have people working up to Stage 3.
More stages will be added as and when the need demands.

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Stage 1.

Basic agility level.
Starting and developing your
Honing your skills.
Basic agility level.
Starting and developing your
agility practice.
Introducing obstacles.
Creating finesse.
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Stage 2.

Heading 5
Your agility basics are in place.
The equine/handler partnership
is deepening & growing.
Your rope and breathwork skills
are improving.
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Stage 3.

Heading 5
There is quality in your work.
Awareness in your practice.
Finesse in your partnership.
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Stage 4.

Heading 5
Union - Partnership 
Relationship - Finesse


Stepping Stones



Attainment of points

We've made it easy for you to work your way through the different stages.
Each stage requires you to achieve 100 points before moving on to the next one.
Work at your own pace

You choose !

It is your choice, how you choose to accumulate your points.
For example you might prefer to choose only to do the "levels" or maybe just the "workshops"
Recommended would be a mixture of both.
The Skills Levels - proficiency levels. 
Blue - Walk only.
Red - includes trot and back up.
10 obstacles
Judged as a standard agility course.
30 points available.
Entry fee is - £10.00

The Stages and Skills Levels are corresponding.
Stage 1. you will be working at Skills Level 1.
Stage 2. you will be working at Skills Level 2. - etc.

You can choose to work at either Blue or Red or mix and match within the same Skills Level.
The Workshops.
Bite sized workshops covering all aspects of equine agility.
Obstacle proficiency.
Handling skills.
Rope connection.
The workshops will be constantly updated and added too, creating something fresh and new for you to try.
15 points available.
Entry fee - £5.00

Perfect Practice.
These are free to try Workshops.
Their benefit is to help you improve your agility practice at home.

Points achievement tables.

How to convert marks into points

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