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Achievement Awards

As you progress through the different stages we will mark your fantastic achievements with our special rosettes and certificates.

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100 points

Achievement rosette

The completion of one of our stages is brilliant personal achievement for both you and your wonderful equine !

100 points.

Award Certificate

100 points and a stage completed means also you will receive one of our beautiful Achievement Award certificates.

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Perfect score

Perfect Partners

Our lovely "Perfect Partner" rosettes are awarded each time you reach the maximum score both for the Skills Levels and the Workshops.

3 months

Lucky draw

Whenever you complete one of the stages, your name will go forward into our lucky draw, which is drawn every 3 months. The lucky winner will receive a prize from our Equine Agility UK merchandise collection.

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6 months

Amazon book token

Every 6 months all the stage completion names will go forward into our lucky draw for an AMAZON £20.00 book token.

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