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April 2022

Equine Agility UK - Junior

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Judges review !

Great to see most of you were lucky with the weather !
I think improvements were made by nearly everybody which was lovely to see and judge.
In my review this month I have decided to take a look at " connection"
Throughout your agility round the judge is consistently looking at the "connection" between the equine and the handler.
There should be a constant exchange of information, back and forth between the two, asking - listening - receiving - acting.
Without seeing this constant communication flow, "connection" is not evident.
All that said however, being able to connect with our equines is not something that can be manufactured, real connection is a feeling that is held within yourself and that is felt by your equine by the energy that you exchange with him.
Again it all comes down to "self" realisation. 
A winning agility round is the result of what you bring to the table, and is brought about by your thoughts, feelings and emotions and not by your equines ability to "perform"
A relaxed rope is the result of a relaxed, soft mind and body.
A successfully negotiated obstacle is the result of good mutual communication and understanding.
Don't try to "connect", instead, bring an awareness to your self about how you are feeling, acknowledge your thoughts and those feelings, breathe and relax, and "connection" will happen !

PS. Remember to LOOK at your equine and SEE what he is communicating to you.

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