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November 2021.

Equine Agility UK - Junior

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Equine Agility Worldwide.

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Ww B - Level 1.

Judges review !

November 2021.
What a brilliant start to the new season and course.
Overall the leading position and rope scored the highest marks consistently, which is brilliant news. Remember if you are working with a lead rope, then it should be viewed as one of your most important tools, and should be used with and given your upmost respect for what it is, your physical connection to your equine. To long and the connection can become wishy washy and vague, to short and it can be restricting and forceful.
We want to see a relaxed arm and hand, lightly holding the rope, the length of the rope should be constantly changing as you move and change direction and exchange communications.  Feeling the rope in both hands can help you stay present in your connection.
Most marks dropped were for technical hiccups, remember to make note of where the halts are, your left and rights for opening the gate and entering the weave.
I am completely over the moon with the success of the last obstacle. "a moment of stillness"
The feed back has been great. It was lovely to see the affection shown by both you and your equines to each other, a relaxed and peaceful way to end .
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Anne Quaye