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Agility Playdays

Why choose a playday ?

You've already attended one of our clinics and have had the basics of equine agility explained to you.
You would like to challenge yourself and your equine a little bit more, and  would like the opportunity to introduce some new and different obstacles.
You enjoyed the competition and would like the chance to compete again.

Our agility playdays are designed to provide you with all the above,
and more !


Being a little less formal than a clinic, the emphasis of a playday is more towards having fun and improving the horsemanship skills needed to succeed when competing.
You will have the chance at the beginning to "play" and introduce your equine to some new and different obstacles.
The score sheet and how you are scored will be explained and looked at in more detail.
The ins and outs of the importance of the "partnership" leading position will be scrutinised and put into practise.
More time will be given to post competition issues and how they may be resolved.

Equine Agility UK competition - points of view.

Your are competing as a partnership !
YOU are wholly responsible for helping and supporting your equine partner.
Your equine partner does not understand the concepts of "competing" and the meaning of winning.
Nothing should be forced for the sake of gaining a place and winning a rosette. 
Their welfare is number one priority.

The competition should be viewed as an "expression" of the quality of your agility partnership.
It will highlight areas where communication and connection may have broken down and become muddled and more thought is needed to help improve.

The competition is fun!

Group discussion will be encouraged about the concepts of equine agility and how they may be incorporated into the everyday handling of our equines.
There is no method of agility, it should be considered more as a mind concept and as personal awareness of our time spent interacting with our equines. 
Sharing thoughts and ideas can help us all improve our knowledge of horsemanship.
Interacting with like minded friends is good for our own mental health and wellbeing.
Together we can !
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