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EQUINETY  Helping Horses Worldwide.

100% Amino Acids

EQUINETY helps to support the body from the inside out.

Equine Agility UK "Partner Presentation" Award.

Promoting health and wellbeing.

How to enter.

It's easy and it's free !

Show us how lovely both you and your equine are.

Before you set off on your agility competition round, stand your equine up so he is looking his best, first show us one side of him and then turn him around and show us the other, make sure you are both in shot at all times.

What we are looking for.

An overall picture of wellbeing, no need to plait or anything, just a clean and tidy presentation of both equine and handler.

"Matchy-Matchy" we'd love to see it !!

To enter just tick the check box on our video entry form.


We are extremely grateful to Equinety for supplying the prizes for this special award.
Each month the winner will receive a "Partner Presentation" rosette and a sample of Equinety 100% Amino Acids.