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Practice & Competition


The equine to TOUCH and acknowledge the obstacle with his nose.

How do I do this obstacle ?

Approaching the obstacle, understand if you need to be calm and reassuring or enthusiastic and encouraging.

To some equines it may be scary to others it may hold no interest.

Remember with confidence may come indifference.

Where to start.

Break everything down into incremental stages.

Firstly introduce the base/support on it's own.

Secondly, introduce the touch element on it's own.

Thirdly introduce them both together.


A base/support - a cone or drum is ideal.

The ideal height is about the equines chest level.

A bright and colourful object as the touch element, positioned on top of the base/support.

Think about

Your thoughts and feelings when approaching the obstacle

Your "presentation" of the obstacle is of great significance and importance.

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