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Square - Halt - Turn

Practice & Competition

Square - Halt - Turn

To successfully complete a 180 degree turn

How do I do this obstacle ?

Equine and handler to enter the square together

The handler should as the equine to stand SQUARE

The handler should then step outside of the poles and ask the equine to complete a CLOCKWISE turn 180 degrees

Please note ; We are not looking for a "pivot" - however the turn should remain tight and the equine to not step out of the square

On completion of the turn, the handler should re join her equine in the square and ask him to stand SQUARE, show immobility and proceed

Where to start

Practice your halts and asking your equine to stand SQUARE

Front feet level together in front

Hind feet level together behind

Practice walking through the 1/2 turns, keeping them tight and fluid


4x poles

Length 1.5x equines length

Think about

The judge will be looking for "ease of movement" throughout this obstacle

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