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Practice & Competition


The equine to stand on the podium, front feet only,
show immobility and step back and gently down and off

How do I do this obstacle ?

Halt in front of the obstacle, step onto the podium yourself and turn and face your equine

You, step back and down so you are now facing your equine on the apposite side

Ask you equine to step up, front feet only, show immobility and then step back and gently down

Where do I start

Allow your equine time for plenty of investigation and exploration with his nose and feet

Where the nose goes the feet will generally follow

Show your equine it is a safe place to be by firstly standing on it yourself

Make a bit of noise with your feet to show him to expect a noise, step down to be on the opposite side

This is the optimum place to be to help your equine

Ask him to step up

Relax and allow him to show immobility

With one foot, you, step up onto the podium ( this can help to counter balance it)

Gently ask your equine to step back and down


A strong, sturdy box with a flat top

A pallet is ideal but it will need reinforcing - beware of sharp edges and nails

As with ALL construction of the obstacles, use screws instead of nails

Think about

Don't rush or hurry your equine

Once he understands the concept you will find he will do it without even being asked !

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