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Narrow Gap

Practice & Competition

Narrow Gap

Both equine and handler to pass through, confidently and calmly.
The handler to "send" the equine through the gap.

How do I do this obstacle ?

The partnership leading position should be maintained throughout this obstacle,

whether you walk through together or you "send" the equine through on his own

"SEND" - the handler stays outside of the obstacle and asks the equine to pass through the gap.

Where to start

Practice walking between the 2 barriers with the gap wide apart.

Gradually reduce the gap

Allow plenty of exploration and investigation of the barriers


2x barriers

Height - no lower than the equines elbow

Length - no shorter than 1x equines length

Should be of stable construction

Think about

The partnership leading position - not in front of the equines nose - not back behind his shoulder

Maintaining a relaxed and soft lead rope

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