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Practice and Competition


Open and close gate - also - HALT & Wait Gate

How do I do this obstacle ?

Approach the gate and HALT

The handler to open the gate LEFT to RIGHT and hook back

They must then step through and turn and face their equine

The equine must show immobility - the handler must put a smile (relax) the rope

The handler must invite the equine through to join them and ask him to make a full turn back to face the gate and HALT

The handler to close the gate.

Where to start.

Practice leading through the gap

Practice the two HALTS

Practice the "invite" through

Practice putting a smile (relaxing) the rope


2x supports (jump wings are ideal) Placed a comfortable distance apart, to enable equine/handler to pass through together.

A length of rope with a loop at one end to enable it to be opened and hooked back.

Think about

The "Wait" showing immobility

How you ask for the wait and the body language you are using to do so

Positive but relaxed


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