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Practice & Competition


Handler to wave the flag in a figure of eight pattern - at waist level !

How do I do this obstacle ?

The flag must remain at waist level.

The handler to wave the flag in a figure of eight pattern - 4/5 times

The equine should remain standing calmly , not reacting but remaining attentive.

Where to start

Build confidence slowly and in incremental stages.

On first introduction, have the flag rolled up lying on the ground and allow your equine to thoroughly explore.

Pick it up gradually lifting it higher and gently unfurling it.

If the equine becomes reactive, lower it until he is calm again.


Any flag is acceptable, it doesn't need to be bigger than 3'

A tea towel attached to a stick is a good homemade obstacle

the stick doesn't need to any longer than about 2 meters, shorter for juniors.

Think about

Your equine may not be worried by the flag but the fact you have picked up a stick !

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