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Changing Sides

Practice & Competition

Changing Sides

HALT - change leading side - walk 6m - Anti clockwise turn -
equine only walk over poles - HALT
- change leading side

How do I do this obstacle ?

HALT at (A) and change leading side - NEAR side to OFF side

Walk 6 meters

Turn anti clockwise around marker (B)

Equine only to walk over poles - the handler must not (unless otherwise stated).

Return to marker (A) HALT and change leading side again, this time, the OFF side to NEAR side'

and continue.

Where to start

Practice leading from the off side

Practice making a turn from the off side

Practice walking the equine over poles

Practice your HALT


3x poles

Marker (A) Marker (B) placed 6 metres apart

Mark the centre at 3 metres

Place one pole at the centre and the other 2 poles either side - 2 equine strides apart, in a fan shape

Think about

Maintaining your leading position throughout

Plan ahead

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