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Practice & Competition


To calmly and confidently pass under.

How do I do this obstacle ?

"Allow" is the key word here.

Allow your equine to thoroughly explore the Arch with and without the ribbons.

Allow him plenty of time, don't hurry him.

Where to start

Use the SAFE leading position when first introducing and asking the equine to walk under.

Be prepared for him to rush forward

Firstly, make sure your equine is thoroughly confident walking between the two upright, and then secondly, walking under the arch without the ribbons attached, before you attempt the full arch with ribbons


Safe and Sensible

2 uprights and weighted supports

Something to bridge the supports and attach the ribbons to - a length of blue water pipe is ideal.

The height should be at least 1.5 x the height of the equine

Width - wide enough for equine/handler to pass comfortably through together.

Think about

Using your breath work approaching and passing under the arch

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