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2 supports.
Cones, jump wings, posts
Height : approximate waist high.
Width : approximate 1.5m
1 length of rope.
Approximate length 2m
Fixings to fix rope to the supports.

Gate should open from right to left
close from left to right.


Feet First.

3 x poles
Length  : 1.5m minimum
no maximum.

Place poles parallel to each other
Width apart 1.5 equines length


1 flag.
Size : 1m x 0.5m minimum
No maximum
1 flag stick
Length approximate 1.5m


5 x road cones or similar
Placed 2m apart.
Height not greater than waist high, must be able to lift rope over the top.


1 Tarpaulin.
Minimum size 1.5 x equines length
no maximum
the heavier weight tarp, the better !
2x poles or weights to pin it down and stop the wind getting underneath it.



Road cone or similar.
Attach something colourful, something with movement.
A soft toy, a windmill, ribbons.
Height, minimum 30cm
Maximum 110cm



A strong flat top box with a non slip surface.
Height, approximate 25cm, not greater than 35cm
Width and length approximate 1m



4 x cones or markers, an old jumper/garment placed on the ground, as long as it is visible to the camera.
Cone A placed at entrance.
Cone B placed 8m opposite cone A.
Cone C placed at exit, 8m opposite cone B - 16m from cone A
Cone B.1 placed 6m parallel to cone B.
Cone B. 2 placed 6m parallel to cone B - 12m opposite to cone B.1

A chair or anything you can sit down comfortably on.

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S- Bend configuration.
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These measurements are set as a guide only.
They can be adjusted by one 0.5 horses length either way, bigger or smaller.
They are set as an ideal for a 15.2hh
You may need to increase the length for an older horse or the more draft type horse and decrease the length for very small ponies.