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Who's in the News ?

8 Feb 2024

EAUK member, Rose Young who is currently competing at Advanced Level, has got in touch to tell us all about her new agility partner - let's meet him !

Hello everyone,

My name is Rose Young and I am currently competing at Advanced level with my pony Prudence.

Now this is something I didn't think at my age that I would ever be saying again, but here it is "I've bought a new pony"

Pru is now 19 and is still very fit and capable.

It's always been my thought that after she's gone I would hang up my boots and retire gracefully, but no it's not to be.

Meet Archie, like Pru he's a Welsh section A who's 5 years old and not been backed to be ridden.

He will be my new agility partner !

My eyes have been opened by equine agility, not just for the competing, which I thoroughly enjoy, but as a way of being with an equine that considers the equine as a partner and friend.

With Archie I have an open book to work with, it will be fun writing the new chapters full of stories about our agility adventures.

Watch out for the updates !


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