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Clinic Review

24 Mar 2024

8 Lovely ladies and their wonderful equines !

Just a short review from todays clinic nr Stourport, Worcs.

On the drive home, as I always do, I started to go over this mornings events.

Thinking about each of the ladies and their equines in turn, the same thought kept cropping up - the connected arm and just how important it is.

The connected arm is your right arm, if you are leading from the near side, the one nearest to the horse and holding the lead rope, with your left hand holding the slack of the rope.

This arm is your direct physical connection with your horse via the lead rope.

The thought that kept cropping up was just how important it is to become aware of what your leading arm and hand are doing.

How tight is your grasp - can you relax it a little ?

How much of a brace is there through your arm and shoulder ?

How is it effecting the rest of your body?

And of course the big question is - how does your horse respond when YOU relax a little ?

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