Winter Course

and obstacles.
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Winter, a time to slow down and regroup, a chance to reflect and make plans for the spring.

We have designed our new Winter course with an acknowledgement to the unpredictable nature of our Winter weather.
The obstacles have chosen to cope with changeable ground conditions and withstand howling gales blowing.

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A moment of stillness.

"and we will finish with a moment of stillness"

Task no. 4
Throughout our equine agility practice we are constantly working with our own internal energies, being aware of how our thoughts and feelings are affecting ourselves and our equines.
With this in mind our new task will be a testament to your own inner state of mind. Quite simply you will be asked to finish your round by sitting in a chair with your equine stood in front of you. As you breathe out and relax your equine should do the same, lowering his head towards you, both taking a moment to be still. This is a time for mutual connection and a time for you to say "thank you" to your equine.

The basic course for all the classes.
Requirements differ for each level.
2 x supports and rope to make a gate.
2 markers A & B.
3 x poles.
A flag.
1 x Tarpaulin and weights.
5 x cones or markers.
1 Crazy Cone.
1 Chair !
Podium ( Blue levels 2 & 3 )

"Thank you"
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We know there is nothing more demoralising than putting all your agility obstacles out and the wind blowing them all down again, it just makes you feel like putting it all away and giving up!
Bearing this in mind, during the worst of the Winter months, we have structured the courses to include less obstacles and more tasks.
So instead of pulling out obstacles in the rain, you can just put your hood up and complete the tasks. These tasks have been designed to ask for more finesse and technical accuracy from you, making you think more about what you are asking and also more about your interpretation of your equines answers.

November and December - 6 obstacles - 4 tasks.
January and February - 4 obstacles - 6 tasks.
March - 5 obstacles - 5 tasks.
April - 6 obstacles - 4 tasks


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Suggested course layout.

adapt to suit.