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Our New Look Score sheet explained !

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Score 0.

No Score - Task/obstacle missed out, wrong course/obstacle, wrong requirements, breach of rules,

Score 1.

Developing - Lacking, needs improvement, minimal connection, tight or very short rope, tension,
unconfident, poor execution of the requirements.

Score 2. 

Applying - Good skills set, good connection, good synchronization, perfect partners, a relaxed rope, good maintenance of leading position, well executed and technically correct, good authenticity.

A quick overview !

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The obstacle/task was completed to it's given requirements.


Handler and equine working together showing a constant flow of communication.


Handler and equine displaying good technical accuracy and authenticity.


Handler showing a relaxed connection and use of the lead rope, equine relaxed and confident.

Leading Position.

Handler and equine working together in the "partnership leading position" Handler not in front of the equines nose and not behind his shoulder.
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