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Thank you for deciding to join us.
On Line Equine Agility is the perfect way to compete, improve, progress and achieve, all from the comfort of your own home, yard or barn.
We have a range of different classes and levels from introductory walk only, to the more advanced levels that include trot and back up, so there is something for everyone.
We want to share with you our enthusiasm and passion to provide a worldwide agility community that can pride itself in being friendly and supportive and one that promotes a safety conscious ethical equine sport.
New to agility ?  View our questions and answers guide.

On Line Monthly Video Competition.

  • Registration is free !
  • No travelling
  • No stress 
  • One whole month to practice and film.
  • Different proficiency levels
  • Partnership, partnership EVERY time !
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Classes open on the 3rd of each month and close on the 27th of that month.
Results are published on the 1st of each consecutive month
Please register with us first, it's FREE to join.

Blue Level 1. course

Walk only
No back up.
Our introductory novice level.
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Video rules


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How to enter



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