Important Changes.

We've made some important changes based on your feedback.

The structure of our categories and classes has changed.
There are 3 categories to choose from :-
Equine Agility UK  - Open to all (including overseas)
Shetland Pony Agility - Open to all small ponies 43" and under.
Junior - Open to everybody 14yrs and under.
 There are 4 Classes for you to choose from :-
Red - suitable for the more experienced competitor - includes trot - Back up must be firmly established.
White - suitable for those that don't want to run - walk only. Back up must be established.
Blue - suitable for the less experienced competitor, young or older equines. Doesn't include back up or trot.
You can choose which class you want to enter.
You can choose different classes each month.
You can choose multiple classes each month.
The higher proficiency levels are added to the requirements of the handler.
You can choose to challenge yourself.
The 4th class is the challenge class - open to all.
The course and obstacles change each month, new obstacles, new challenges.
All the obstacles used in this class, can be constructed from the equipment already in use in the 3 above classes.
This class is aimed at providing you with a variety of "fun" obstacles and challenges.
Each class has it's own league table.
Your points are added to the class or classes entered that month.
Each category has it's own league table, for example "Horse Agility UK BLUE league"
Note to current competitors.
Thank you to everybody who is currently competing.
If you have been competing  at Newcomers or Novice levels  your league points have been added to and included in the new BLUE LEAGUE
The new blue class is the same course and requirements as the old newcomers and novice classes.
If you previously entered categories that no longer exist - Non ridden or Ex Racehorse, you are offered a FREE  SUBSEQUENT entry  - Value £5.00 X the number of times you entered - for example, if  you entered January, February, March, with 3 subsequent entries your are entitled now to 3 FREE SUBSEQUENT entries. (Subsequent entries are you second entry after your primary entry, valued £10.00 )
If you entered one of categories that no longer exists as you primary entry, your points are safe in the BLUE LEAGUE.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding this matter. Office no. 07538 222969 leave a message and we will get back to you.