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An introduction to Equine Agility Trail

Equine Agility UK Trail is a continuation of our In-hand agility with the option to take the skills learnt from the ground to the saddle. The end game however is the same, to promote the development of the equine/human relationship.

The obstacles still preform the same tasks, asking the questions, that together you and your equine must seek to find the answers.


Criteria & Rules.

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Below is a short version of our rules and criteria.

A more detailed version will be available for you to download.

1. EQUINES. All equines must be 4 years old and over to take part in stage one the RIDDEN ELEMENTAL section.
They must be 5 years old before they can progress to stage two the RIDDEN NOVICE section.
They must be 2 years old and over to take part in the IN-HAND section.

Junior. 14 years and under
Lead rein. Any age.
Assisted. Any age.

NO drop/ flash or crank nosebands.
NO tight nosebands.
NO martingales.
NO severe bits.
NO whips/sticks or spurs.
Headcollars only for the In-hand section.

4. NO abusive behaviour towards any equine will be tolerated at anytime.

5. All equines must be deemed fit/able and sound to take part.


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Dark Wood Panels
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