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Joining YouTube.

1.Go to YouTube

2.Click on - Sign Up

3.If you don't see the "sign in" icon - click "sign In" you will be given an option to sign in or create account - click "create account"

4.The next page you will see will have a box on the right "Join YouTube"

5.Fill in the form with the relevant information and password. Click the "sign up" box.

You should receive an email that says "YouTube email confirmation"

Click where it says "Click here"

Congratulations you now have a YouTube account !

How to upload your video to YouTube.

1.Go to YouTube and click "Sign in" Log in with your details.

2. At the top right click the "Upload" button.

3. A new window appears and you have 2 options - choose select files to upload.

4. A pop up window will appear to allow you to select your video file.

5. Locate your file where you saved it and click the "Open" button.

6. A new window will appear and you can see your video is being uploaded.

7. While this is happening you can fill in the further details.

8. Title - most important - your name and your horses name.

9. Description - the class and category you are entering.

10.Tags - no need to enter anything here.

11.Privacy settings - best to choose "Unlisted" it can only be seen by us.

12. Now click "Save" and your done.

How to submit your video.

1.On your profile page - you will see on the right "My Channel" - this where all your videos are stored.

2.Click the video you want share - pause it if it is running.

3.Below you video is the option to "Add to" "Share" and "More" - click "Share"

4. Below the icons is a blue highlighted box

5. This is the link you want to "copy"

6. You now have the link stored and ready to "paste"

7. Use the video submission form and "paste the link in the box provided.

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