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Fun in the Sun Yellow Challenge

Facebook Challenge.

FREE video competition.
Open to all
Juniors 14 years and under.
Opens - Monday 1st August
Closes - Midnight Monday 29th August
Video entry is via Facebook Messenger.
1st prize and rosettes to sixth place.
Equines must be 2 years old to compete.
The aim of our video challenges is to help bring about a better understanding of the obstacles and to increase knowledge and awareness of the principles of Equine Agility UK and of course to have some FUN with our equines !
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4 categories.

Pro Challenge - Open to all, suitable for those already competing in agility competitions.
Adult Competition - Open to all
Junior Competition - Open to all juniors 14 yrs and under.
Shetland Pony Agility - Open to all Shetland Pony Agility Facebook members

How to enter.

Follow the link to our Facebook Equine Agility UK PAGE and send us your video via the message button at the top of the page Equine Agility UK | Facebook
Entry is FREE and open to ALL.
Please tell us which category you are entering.

Judges Perspective.

My main focus will be the ability to maintain the basic leading position throughout the course.
The handler should remain behind the equines nose and in front of the equines shoulder.
The basic partnership leading position.
The lead rope should remain relaxed.
I am looking for a basic understanding by the handler of the obstacle requirements.
The course directions may be called by another person.
The different categories have different proficiency levels, from junior up to pro.
Communication should be the main ingredient at ALL levels.
The partnership displaying a constant to and fro of  conversation exchange, each asking, listening and answering each other.
Awareness and finesse are the two winning factors !

Adult Competition.

1. Touch.
Handler to "Present" and the equine to acknowledge and touch with his nose, something bright and colourful.
2. Around.
Enter the weave through the off side shoulder.
The handler and equine together must weave around the markers.

3. Over.
Both handler and equine must walk over together.
4. Under.
Both handler and equine must pass under together.
5. Through.
Both handler and equine must walk through together.
Turn around marker (A)
6. Through.
The handler to "send" the equine through the gap, whilst remaining outside of the obstacle themselves.
7. Under.
Both handler and equine to walk under together, when the equines withers are through, halt 4 seconds and then proceed.
8. Over.
The handler must "send" the equine over the obstacle.
9. Around.
The weave must be entered through the equines off side shoulder.
The handler must remain walking in a straight line, whilst directing the equine around the markers.

10. Touch
The handler must "present" and invite the equine to acknowledge and touch with his nose the obstacle.


Pro Challenge course download.

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Narrow Gap



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