A strong desire to know or learn something
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Connected Groundwork Clinics.

No "ideals" just naked reality !
Our Connected Groundwork clinics explore the human factor and it's importance within the equine/handler relationship.
We look at what it really means "to take responsibility" for the quality of the partnership. Firstly letting go of the human portrayal of the "ideal" and instead exploring our own beliefs and truths. Nothing is ever perfect we know that, but sometimes we can have a false perspective of ourselves, usually a negative one, imagining that things should be better, our equines should be easier to be with.
Most of the time they can be with just a little adjustment of our thoughts and actions.
The internet and social media bombard us with images of perfectly clicker trained equines, the harmonious dances of liberty equines, but are the "methods" they use  what we would really want to employ to use with our own equines?
Creating awareness of "the self" our limitations and of those of our equines, is the first step in creating and expanding the growth within our shared relationship.



A strong desire to know or learn something.
Using the concepts of Equine Agility, over, under, through and around, and the innate power of natural curiosity, both that of the equine and handler, provides us with the opportunity to explore in depth where any confidence issues maybe stemming from.
Having trust and confidence, both in ourselves and with our equines, and vice versa, originates first from being allowed to try and experiment, without judgement, being allowed to be curious.
Learning to be aware and the observer of our own thoughts, feelings and reactions, while watching and interacting with our equines, can help provide us with the power of insight, both of our own and our equines negative behaviours.
The only requirement needed when attending a Connected Groundwork clinic, is an open mind and an abundance of natural curiosity.
Be curious about your equine, your self
and about life, but most of all encourage your equine to be the same.


These clinics are available in the following formats,
Individual session
Group session
Talk and demo for groups
To be held at your own venue.
Alternatively they are available at our venue,
Equinox Field,
Long Itchington,
Warks CV47
Duration of individual sessions is usually 1 hour
Group sessions are 2 hours +
Young and senior equines may require a shorter session.
Cost for individual sessions is £25.00


If you are curious and would
like to know more about if a Connected Groundwork clinic
would be right for you
or if you would like to book one
please message the office
on 07538 222969
and let us know when would be a 
convenient time to call you back
Thank you

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