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Equine Agility UK Energetic Connection

Everything is Energy.

Everything in the universe is vibrating energy.

The energy that we hold in our mind and our body is under our power to transform.

Once we understand this we can influence and connect with everything around us. Through mindful practices we can choose whether to invite happiness and peace or negativity and fear, into not only our own lives, but that of all those we have contact with.

There is a vitality, a lifeforce, an energy a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you this expression is truly unique.

The path we choose in our "horsemanship" journey is entirely unique to ourself as an individual.

We are drawn to our "teachers" by seeing them work, and something in us then resonates with their style and their teachings. At first we watch and try to copy, we look to follow the "method" that is being portrayed to us.

It is only when we are no longer copying their work but when the work becomes our own, when we have taken ownership of our own actions, that the real magic with our horses begins to happen. 

Your horse knows when your interactions with him are not "real", your energy will be off, perhaps even clumsy.

He doesn't care how many certificates or accreditations you have gained in your chosen method, he just needs to know who you are, and if you are safe and trustworthy to be around.

He needs to know you are "present".

"Energy" is the universal language of all living beings.

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