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Grunge Wood
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The Course.

Something new and exciting for you !

Our Summer season competition course is set out using the "Trail" layout.

In this layout the obstacles are set out in a straight line, each leading very closely to the next.
The handler must use their own power of concentration to help their equine negotiate the course, calmly and confidently and with "finesse"
This course will really test the handlers ability to be technically accurate but also at the same time their ability to keep a clear two-way conversation going between themselves and their equine partner.
Communication will be the key factor.


The "energy" factor.


To be able to "set our equines up to succeed" we first need to have a strong sense of awareness of our own thoughts and feelings, our state of mind, and how that is affecting negatively or positively that of our equines.
Being in control has nothing to do with headcollars and lead ropes


Each obstacle is judged and scored accordingly, your scores will be sent to you, they will also be entered onto the leader board for each section.  Each week you will be able to see your placing.


Shopping list.

Poles - minimum x6
Podium - please read construction details
Foam pipe insulation - see link in obstacles 
Items of clothing
Tarpaulin - general size
Cones - the more the better
Jump Wings or supports
Flags X2
Quantity of squashed milk cartons or plastic ball pool, balls
Black bin liners, filled x5, quantity of cardboard boxes.

Grunge Wood


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