The Valegro course.
A more challenging course.
Easy to manoeuvre around.
Suitable wheelchair/mobility scooter.
Developmental - non competitive

1. Soft toy - touch

Handler/assistant touch first and then invite the equine to touch with his nose.
A large soft toy or toys sitting on an upturned bucket or something of appropriate height

2. Pole Walk.

Handler/assistant and equine to walk the length of the pole. The pole should be between the handler and the equine. The assistant should be on the OFF side of the equine.
One pole 12 feet in length.

3. Weave.

Handler/assistant and equine to weave between the cones. The weave should be entered through the OFF side shoulder.
4x cones/markers placed approx 4m apart or an appropriate distance

4. Halt and Wait

Handler/assistant and equine to HALT 4 seconds at the STOP sign
1 marker as a stop sign.

5. Gate.

Handler/assistant to halt the equine in front of the gate. The assistant to open the gate and the handler to take the equine through, the assistant to remain along side. The gate to remain open.
2 uprights/cones with a rope suspended between - fixed on the left support- opening from right to left

6. Slow Walk.

Between MARKER A and MARKER B a slow walk.
8 meters between marker A. and Marker B.

7. Flags.

Handler/assistant and equine to walk between 2 flags.
2 flags - minimum 2' x 3' attached to 2 supports placed opposite each other, distance approx 3 meters.

8. Weave.

Weave back through cones again, entering the weave through the off (right) shoulder
The same weave as obstacle no. 3

9. Corner.

Equine to step over first pole - turn to step over second pole. assistant on off (right) side to step over with the equine, the handler on the near (left) to miss the poles.
2 poles placed at right angles to each other, the second pole maybe shorter than the first. they should form a backwards capital L shape - see diagram

10. Mat.

Handler/assistant to halt the equine with front feet only on the mat, show immobility and walk on.
One large mat or piece of carpet - can be a rubber mat or similar, ideally no smaller than 3' by 4'
You have finished !
Show thanks to each other and your equine.