Criteria for the different levels.

"Your progression through the different levels is a journey of personal achievements in the development of the partnership with your equine"

 Judging criteria throughout the different levels.
Equine Agility UK & Worldwide Novice Levels 1.
Novice levels 1, cover the basics of agility.

The judge is looking for nothing to complicated.
The equine should appear to be calm and confident throughout.
Looking at all times for "connection"
He should show a willingness to be "asked"
He should display a "working" attitude to the obstacles.

The handler should display a basic level of technical accuracy,
"Asks" should be calm and clear.
Connection to the equine should be being constantly being sought.
A basic level of connection via the lead rope should be displayed.
A basic level of maintenance of the leading position is to be expected.
Basic communication skills should be evident at all times.
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Partnership criteria.
The partnership criteria is the same for all classes and levels both Equine Agility UK and Worldwide.
It is the quality of the equine/handler relationship that is under scrutiny by the judge at all times.
Partnership above Performance.
Your equine is not being expected to "perform" but to compete with you as a willing partner.
The responsibility for the quality of your relationship is yours and yours alone !
Communication, connection = trust and understanding.
The progression of the proficiency levels are added to the ability of the handler to be technically accurate.
Equine Agility UK & Worldwide Intermediate levels.
Intermediate Levels show an expansion of previous levels of handler ability.
The judge is looking for a deeper connection between handler/equine.
Effectiveness and accuracy are clearly evident.
The leading position is well maintained throughout.
The leading connection is soft and relaxed.
Back up is clearly established,
Transitions are understood and executed calmly.
The equine is calm and confident.
An overall impression of harmony between equine/handler.