Red Level 2.

Open to all.
Walk and trot
Includes back up.

May 2022

1. Gate.
Handler must halt the equine in front of the gate. Long slow, out breath.
Open the gate from right to left and hook back.
On an in breath, ask the equine to move forward.

2. Tarpaulin.
Both handler and equine to move forward and cross the tarpaulin together, calmly and confidently.
Before exiting the tarp, halt 4 seconds, back up 2 strides and proceed.

3. Narrow Gap.
Handler to "Send" the equine through the gap in trot, whilst remaining walking outside of the obstacle, carefully maintaining the partnership leading position.
4. Halt and Wait.
Handler to halt the equine at Marker 1. and step away to marker 2. Wait 6 seconds and re-join the equine. 
5. Weave.
The handler and equine to enter the weave together in trot, enter the weave through the NEAR side shoulder, . At cone no. 4 make a complete clockwise turn around the cone.
6.Crazy Cone.
Handler must "present" the cone to the equine and ask for an acknowledgement and touch with the equines nose.
Both handler and equine to pass calmly and confidently under the arch.
When the equines withers are through, halt and remaining at the equines side, back up through the arch 4 strides - proceed forward into trot.

8. Chaotic Corridor.
Both handler and equine to trot through the corridor together.
Both the handler and equine to enter the square in trot and halt.
The handler must drop the rope and step out of the square.

Walk a complete turn around the square whilst the equine waits.
Re-join the equine and proceed.
In the partnership leading position the handler must halt the equine in front of the podium.
Show immobility and on the in breath ask the equine to step up, onto and off the podium.

11. Pathway.
Stepping of the podium, on the pathway the handler must ask the equine to halt, show immobility and proceed.
12. Chair.
Handler to sit down on to the chair, the equine must be facing them. Lowering their own energy they should invite the equine to join them in a moment of stillness and gratitude.

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