Assisted Agility

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Who can enter ?

Anyone that needs a little assistance.
This could be because they may have mobility problems and need help with their equine, or have special needs and require assistance with the obstacles and the course. 
It is ideal for someone who is new to the horse world and may have confidence issues and also for the younger child who needs a bit of support from an adult.

We have awarded special dispensation to equine therapy groups, assisted learning centres and also charities.

The cost of entry is per group.
5 people can enter each month for £10.00.
Register Group.

There are 3 subcategories to you to enter, catering for all age groups.

(a) - Adult -17yrs and over.
(b) - 12yrs - 16yrs
(c) - 11 yrs and under.

Course 1. Assisted 2x handlers -   Course 2. Assisted wheel chair - scooter

Assisted Agility.
On Line Video Competition.
Opens - 6th of each month - Closes 3rd of the following month


Well done to you all !