Assisted Agility.

The competition opens on the 20th of each month and closes on the 15th of the next consecutive month.
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Welcome to Assisted Equine Agility.
How is it different ?
Our assisted courses are designed to be both developmental and interactive.
The judging criteria is all encompassing to meet the differing qualities of children and adults  with special needs.
Anyone that needs a little assistance.
This could be because they may have mobility problems and need help with their equine, or have special needs and require assistance with the obstacles and the course. 
It is ideal for someone who is new to the horse world and may have confidence issues and also for the younger child who needs a bit of support from an adult.

The courses.

We have included many of our usual obstacles in the courses, and have adapted the requirements to include the help from an assistant.
The course is very much open to interpretation, the obstacles being constructed to meet the demands of the individuals and groups, for example there is no set standard for the height of the obstacle, it should just be "appropriate"    
The Winter 2021/2022 is a weather friendly course that takes into account adverse ground conditions and windy weather.

Obstacle requirements.

AgilityAbility League.

Equine Assisted Agility has only one league which is open to all therapy groups, community groups, rescues and charities.
We have special dispensation for all groups.
The course is the "Milton" course which uses Winter weather friendly obstacles. 
Our other two classes and courses are non competitive.


Who can enter ?

The emphasis is still very much on the partnership, we look at our Assisted Agility as a three way partnership, the handler, the equine and the assistant, with a three way flow of communication.
Role reversal is taken into consideration allowing the handler or the assistant to take the lead when ever needed or is necessary.


The different categories for you.


View the different courses and obstacles



How to enter.