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If you have a passion for teaching and helping others, and you are looking to formalise what you already know and expand your knowledge about Equine Agility, then becoming one of our recognised instructors could be for you.

As an Equine Agility UK instructor you will always hold the welfare of the equine as your number one priority, your clients will know that they, and their equines, are safe in your hands.
How you teach and what you teach is entirely up to you, you are the master of your own practice.
It is your principles and values that are important to us and what we want to recognise.
Equine Agility UK is not a method of practice, we know that "many roads lead to Rome" 
The equine world is is very diverse in it's teachings and to promote a particular method as the "right way" would be wrong and very short sighted of us, however, to protect the welfare of the equine, as a recognised instructor you will be expected to uphold and promote our high standards of agility practice and to support and actively promote our ethos.

As an organisation it is paramount to us that we are able to "un recognise" instructors that don't follow and practice our principles, we are effectively protecting ourselves.