Before entering
Questions ?
A step by step guide.
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General information.
All classes and leagues are open to everybody.
The competitions open on the
3rd and close on the 27th of each month.
The Winter season runs from November 2021 - April 2022.
Each class is £10.00 to enter.
Each subsequent class is £5.00 - (2 classes =  £15.00)
Payment is through PayPal - please inquire if you require a different method of payment.
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Hello, I live here in the UK, I'm really interested in agility but I've not competed before.
Which class do you recommend I enter ?
Our recommendation is the Equine Agility (EAUK) Blue Level 1.
This is an introductory walk only class.
It is a progressive to level 2. class, however there is no obligation to move out of this class if this is where you are comfortable.
Take a look at the different classes and decide which best suits your current ability.
You can enter numerous classes, check eligibility.
Recommended Equine Agility UK Blue class level 1.
What is the difference between the Blue and Red classes.
The Blue classes are walk only classes.
The Red classes include trot
What are different levels.
In both leagues level 1. classes are introductory novice standard.
Levels 2 & 3 are intermediate.
4 & 5 are advanced.
If you are already competing in agility you can skip level 1. and enter level 2.

Ok I think I've got that, what's next ?

Take a look at the obstacles.
Equine Agility UK obstacles.
Is there a set course ?
The obstacles are numbered but you can set them out to suit your site.
A diagram accompanies each class and suggests an easy layout.
How do I start training ?
Equine Agility UK does not promote itself as a training method, therefore we like to use the words Agility Practice instead of Agility Training. 
Perfect Practice.
Do I have to remember the course or can I have a caller ?
Yes you can that's OK.

Right, I am ready to enter ?

Do I have to be registered with you ?
Yes please - we need your contact details to send you your score sheets and rosettes.
It's FREE to join.
Make sure you are familiar with the rules.
Rules video and general
Check out the judging criteria.
A guide to what the judge is looking for
Go to how to enter.
Go to entry form.
Enter - Upload Video and Pay
Results day is the 1st of the next consecutive month.
I'm new to this, where do I start ?