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Assisted Agility Entry Form

The competition opens on the 20th and closes on the 15th
of the next consecutive month.
Please add the name of the main person of the group
The rosettes and score sheets will be sent to this person.
The address will be the one registered with us.
A contact email address in case of a problem.
Name of equine - applies to individual entries only.
For group bookings make sure the persons and the equines name is listed on the video.
Your therapy or charity group name.
Most important you don't forget the link to the video.
Payment is through PayPal
Please contact us if you require an alternative method of payment
You must be a site member to enter.
(main person only)
For more information and help please read the main rules and
Note :- these rules can be relaxed and made "appropriate" for your group circumstances.
Assisted Entry Form


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