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Trail Obstacles

The height and dimensions of your Agility Trail obstacles should be, unless otherwise stated, relative and suitable to your equine.
Careful thought and consideration should be given to their construction.

Feet First.

2 poles on the ground 

1.5x equines length distance apart

Approach and halt at the first pole

Ask equine to step forward and step over the pole, front feet only and HALT

Ask equine to step forward into the gap and HALT

Ask equine to step forward over the second pole, front feet only and HALT

Proceed forward to next obstacle.

Pick Up

2x Barrels ( or similar )

Height should be approx' between where your own knee sits on the saddle and your foot in the stirrup.

Approach barrel (A) HALT along side and Pick Up ( anything small and suitable )

Carry to barrel (B)

HALT along side and put down Pick Up

The reins should be carried in the RIGHT hand.


5 cones/markers placed approx' 3m apart


Narrow Gap

2x barriers, height no lower than equines knee height



4 Barrells

Walk only

Following the pattern, each barrel is encircled without crossing your path.

Soft Toy

Touch obstacle

A soft toy or similar
Placed on an upturned bucket or attached to a cone or similar.
Equine to acknowledge and touch with his nose.

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