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Equine Agility Trail 

Your Clinic Day

The day/session will start with a short introduction and safety talk.

You will then be asked to take your equines into the arena where it will be explained to you how to proceed.

All the obstacles/tasks are performed in-hand first.

It is of the utmost importance that you and your equine have the necessary understanding of the obstacles and the questions being asked, before attempting them mounted.

What you need to know

Equines Tack

Any type of saddle is permissible.

Bits should be simple, a snaffle for example.

Nosebands should be loose fitting, not tight,

No drop, flash or grackle nosebands.

No curb bits. No curb chains

No martingales


A hard hat must be worn when mounted.

Juniors must wear one at all times

No sticks/whips or spurs


For the In-Hand section you will need a well fitting headcollar and long rope.

A hard hat should be worn, it is compulsory for juniors.

Gloves are optional

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